Spectrophotometry services now available!

Using X-Rite’s state-of-the-art SpectoEye Spectrophotometer:

Qualitative Color analysis:

        We can manage color sampling and draw-down matching, getting marketing approvals and

        making observations before going on press to prepare the printer in advance. This is a critical

        step in the packaging process that is often missed.

Managing color approvals at press-time can create costly down-time and increase costs.


Quantitative Color analysis:

       With the approved color sample in-hand we give the printer press direction that they can use in

        terms they work with using our measurements. Using “best-match” hue capabilities of the X-Rite

        SpectroEye instrument, we know at the first color-pull if the ink will achieve color at any ink-density.

This analysis can save hours on press and is a capability even today that many printers do not have.


Validation on-press:

       During the press run we validate the color on press until the closest match possible is made to

        the approved sample. We sign and date the pieces and make arrangements to get the print

        standards back to you next day. You will also get a report outlining each press-pull and what

        challenges were faced (if any) and color moves made until the color was approved.

This service is valuable, especially when matching color across primary

and secondary packaging to get brand and flavor consistency

between flexible bags, labels, paperboard and cases.